Quality Chocolate Labradors

Gundrift Labradors prides itself on producing good quality, sound, all-round Aussie Labradors. A big bundle of chocolate mischief that you and your family will fall in love with.

We believe in order to produce the best puppies you must first start with the healthiest, happiest, most content stud dogs and ladies. The Gundrift Labradors lead a truly idyllic lifestyle through daily exercise, interaction with dogs and their humans, good nutrition, discipline and lots of love and affection all whilst roaming the beautiful tree studded 10 acre park-like estate they call home. To see our stud dogs and girls just click on the links below.

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Award winning reputation

Gundrift Labradors is a fully licensed and DA approved boarding and breeding facility. Part of Australian Pet Boarding, and nestled on a 10 acre park-like estate, our labradors receive the highest of care and attention across all facets including their diet, exercise, love and affection resulting in a well adjusted puppy.

As an award winning customer service facility, Gundrift Labradors prides itself on providing a stress-free experience for new puppy parents. We welcome visitors to our breeding facility where you can meet and play with the parents of your new puppy.

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Genetically Tested for Peace of Mind

To breed the best possible puppies, Gundrift Labradors is committed to a rigorous testing schedule making sure that we use the best quality stud dogs and ladies.

From a combination of prominent champion producing bloodlines, the Gundrift kennel is genetically tested for EIC and PRA, and hip and elbow scored to ensure puppies are genetically sound.

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