Gundrift Labradors breeding quality chocolate labradors.

To breed the best possible puppies, Gundrift Labradors is committed to a rigorous testing schedule making sure that we use the best quality stud dogs and bitches. From a combination of prominent champion producing bloodlines, the Gundrift kennel is genetically tested for EIC and PRA, and hip and elbow scored to ensure puppies are genetically sound.

The Gundrift Labrador kennel average for Hip Dysplasia is 3.81 well below the breed average in Australia of 12.13. This is a testament to breeding sound, quality labradors.

Gundrift Designer Genes4400
Gundrift Mariner7000
Gundrift Miss Marple2200
Gundrift Gunna Be Great1200
Gundrift Genes By Design0101
Gundrift Your Time5600
Gundrift Musket Maple2300
Gundrift Sir Thornton2200
Gundrift Jake The Rippa0000
Gundrift Chocolate Gossip1200
Gundrift Black Bamboo2700
Gundrift Make My Day2101
Gundrift Master Of The Sword2000
Gundrift Who's That Girl0000
Gundrift Bedazzled0000
Gundrift Chocolate Truffles01200
Gundrift Shot 'O Chocolate1100
Gundrift Versace0201
Gundrift Giovani0200
Gundrift Tiger Lilly0201
Gundrift From The Storm0000
Gundrift During The Storm4000
Gundrift Thornton2200
Gundrift Sudden Sensation2200
Gundrift All Aboard0000
Gundrift Field of Dreams1100
Gundrift Garden of Dreams0000
Gundrift Magic Star0001
Gundrift Icy Storm2300
Gundrift After the Storm1100
Gundrift Rolling Thunder1100
Gundrift How's That0200